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Seafood Lounge

Snow Crab
Australian Lobster 800gm-1000gm
Canadian Blue Lobster 600gm-800gm
Atlantic Seabass
Jumbo Prawns
Norwegian Salmon
Squid U10

How would you like your fish:

Grilled | Wok | Steamed | Fried | Raw

Select a sauce of your preference:

Ponzu Truffle | Butter Garlic | XO Sauce | Ginger Spring Onion | Hot | Red Curry | Garlic | Sichuan | Salt and Pepper

Oysters and Caviar

Oysters (1 | 6 | 12) (S)

A trio of sauces (cocktail, jalapeno, ponzu truffle)

Beluga Caviar 50gm (S)

Buckwheat blini, wasabi sour cream, hard boiled egg and chives

The Pods Exotic Platter (S)

Gillardeau Oysters 12pcs and Beluga Caviar 50gm

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